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special, but not special

While in the gym doing some much-needed cardio and listening to an Alstroemeria remix album I stumbled on this little gem, one which I’d loved in the past but had forgotten. It’s a relatively simple and unassuming house track, utilizing … Continue reading

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Creamy Mami – “Hello, Catherine”

Just like with American music, film and TV, I find that retro Japanese pop culture and anime in particular has a sort of iceberg quality to it. Every time I think I’ve discovered everything there is to know about the … Continue reading

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Drew Tucker and the Original Artists of ‘Magic: The Gathering’

I started playing and became enthralled by Magic: The Gathering almost exactly twenty years ago, in the Summer of 1994. In the two decades since then I’ve played the game sporadically, and I’ve watched as it underwent drastic aesthetic and mechanical … Continue reading

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Alstroemeria Records – Killed Dancehall

This has been my jam the last couple of days. I’ve been listening to this circle’s stuff for the better part of a decade, but I’d slacked on keeping up with their output recently, and last week I realized I had … Continue reading

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TV Scene

The last topic I wrote about–the entirety of Kill la Kill–was pretty big, so here’s something small: a five minute Urusei Yatsura AMV. Simple concept here. Lum, the oni alien who’s recently come to live on earth, pours herself a glass of … Continue reading

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A Blade That Cuts Irony: Kill la Kill

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” – Nietzsche  For nearly thirty years, the Japanese animation studio Gainax has been telling one story: a story about human yearnings and dreams, about the power and potential of … Continue reading

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she – Electric Girl

I always find it interesting how some musicians exist in a sort of publicity void, too small-time and obscure to be acknowledged by mainstream reviewers, and yet somehow too raw or guileless to be rated by the likes of Pitchfork … Continue reading

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